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Doula services - what I do 

Free Consultation 

First thing first - let's chat! Let's schedule a 20 minute introduction call to talk through your vision of your birth, what you hope to find from a doula relationship and how I can support you in this journey

Phone,Text and Zoom Support 

All the packages come with unlimited phone and text support to answer questions and offer encouragement as you prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for your birth

2 Prenatal Visits 

During these visits, we will develop your Birth Plan. This is an actual document that we work through, ensuring we capture all your hopes wishes and dreams for your birth and outlining the experience you want to have

Doula Birthing Center

Professional Information 

I have collected books, videos, websites, resources and references for you and your partner to become educated about the journey and what is happening along the way. 

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

During labor 

Continuous, by-your-side support throughout your labor, from the moment you call me at the onset, until you and your baby are settled and feeding has been initiated

Perform any clinical tasks

I work along side your midwife or doctor. They are the primary care giver during your birth day. My tools are touch, essential oils, and unlimited encouragement and support for you (and your partner!) 

Baby’s first feeding support 

It might look easy, but the first time you and your little one give it a try it can take a few tries to get it right! I will provide guidance and support to get that latch right. 

Postpartum follow-up visit 

One postpartum appointment, to review your birth, answer questions regarding feeding, newborn behavior and care, and for me to take care of your needs while you nurture your new baby

Make decisions for you 

You are in control of this journey. My goal is to be your guide, providing information, emotional support and helping formulate a plan. I will be there to support your voice and your birth plan, however you are alway in control of the experience. 

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

My story and experience is just that, mine. I will share what I have learned along my journey and provide tips and tricks on what i found worked. However, your journey is just that, yours. I will support your decisions as the journey unfolds, working to make your wishes and vision come true. 

Community Referrals

"It takes a village to raise a child" - I will provide some great groups in your area, birth professionals, mommy and me classes and other great resources 

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