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Hi! My name is Jennifer Stein. I'm the proud mother of 3 incredible daughters. I have them to thank for my  passion for all things birth. Specifically, supporting, educating and advocating for women and their families.


It was not until my first pregnancy that I discovered the importance of women supporting women. 

Being a Doula since 2015, I feel honored to be able to share my expertise with women and families around South Florida. 


From my first OB appointment, I knew there was a better way to experience birth. I researched different practices and methods, settling on a midwife and doula combo. From the first appointment, I felt a peace and strength from the women who would guide me through the most life defining event of my life (x3 )

I would like to share my experience supporting birthing and postpartum people with you and your partner and understand your "Why" and what your vision is for your birth day. 

Contact me to find out more, I would love to hear your story!

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