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My Story - The How and the Why

Hello World! A classic intro that I am borrowing from my past life in tech to start my new life in the birth world! I have been transformed over the past 8 years as I have been blessed with the ability to have 3 wonderful birth experiences shared with 3 different midwives and doulas. Through this journey, I dove deeper and deeper into the world of natural birth, uncovering a passion that I never knew existed until I was pregnant with my first baby and was treated like a condition rather than a transformation

How I got here: Let me preempt this by saying this was my experience. Every ones experience is their own and I do not judge anyones choice through birth. If you choice to use your OGBYN group and that is right for you, great. If you go to an individual practice, great. If you use a midwife, great. What is right for you is right!

My experience was that of a number. My OGBYN group was too large and busy to provide me with the intiment experience I was seeking. They didn't even know why I was there on my second appointment! I left that day thinking I wanted something more for my birth and I researched the options that existed. I found midwifes in my area, interviewed 3 and chose a loving group that showered me with support, knowledge and love.

My experience was entirely different then any of my friends. My midwife listened, looked, discussed and became a real partner. When normal pregnancy issues arose like high blood pressure, high gluclose, (I'll cover those issues in future blogs), they provided century's proven remedies instead of commercialized medicine. Leading up to labor, they provided tips and suggestions on pre, during and post labor that prepped me and my partner so we were both physically and mentally aware. We were blessed with a perfect water birth and an experience that was like (sadly) unlike so many of my mom and friends. Why? Was I just lucky? Maybe. Buy what I found out is that my experience and care from 13 weeks to birthday was vastly different then those who had a typical medical birth, Many times, a series of simple observations or natural remedies earlier in the pregnancy would have avoided medical procedures that brought baby into the world but destroyed moms dream of birth by undermining her ability step by step. (I'll expand in future blogs)

This realization has lead me to this calling today. My passion is to support and guide women on the most impactful journey of their life and ensure that their dream of birth is achieved to the best of our ability.

I can't wait to join you on your journey, congratulations I am so excited for you!

Jenn Stein - The Birth Chick

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